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How To Decorate For Fall

The weather has definitely turned nippy and you can definitely feel that it’s Fall. This means that it’s time to decorate your house a little differently than you did for the Summer. Luckily, Fall provides plenty of options for you.

You don’t need to stick to a particular colour scheme. Pastel oranges, reds, yellows and other Fall colours. You can also play around with browns, plums, coral, and sage or whatever colours work with your existing décor.

Brass, copper and other metallic are also very popular this year, partly because of their versatility. They are fun and incorporate warmth into a room without being too showy or flashy.  You can also add some rustic wood to match.

Decorate your living room with cozy, colourful wool blankets to keep the damp cold out. They can be a nice touch for your living room or bedroom and easily interchangeable to keep your look fresh and inviting.

Another way to decorate is to make use of your pumpkin carving skills. Carve a welcome, festive message to your visitors on your pumpkin and put it on your porch or in your hallway for visitors to see. It can be a unique and interesting conversation piece.

And speaking of pumpkins, a fun way to celebrate Fall is with a vertical pumpkin display at the front door. You can create a topiary by sandwich bay wreaths between pumpkin stacked on concrete urns and top with smaller pumpkins. To add a little bit of flair, decorate it with cabbage, kale, and leaves.

Although wreaths are thought of as Christmas decorations, there is no reason you can’t hang a little colour on your door with a decorative autumn-style wreath. To add a little something special use a brush chalkboard to add an extra special message. You can write a greeting, an inspirational message, or a quote and swap out seasonal foliage.  

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