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8 Tips On How To Throw A Perfect Christmas Party!

Invite a Good Mix of People.

Unless this is a family gathering, you have control over who you invite and there is no awkward family dynamics to contend with. Phew! It’s best if you invite people from a couple of different social circles and get them to mix. This can sometimes be a challenge but it makes for a much better party! 


Decorate with Taste.

People will be talking about your decor so you want to decorate with style. At Classic Designs, we have numerous paintings, living room décor, and accessories that go perfectly with a Christmas party. While the basics like a Christmas tree, holiday decorations are great, if you really want to make your party memorable, you need to step it up with a statue, some flowers or some other piece.


Create a Christmas Playlist.

A great party playlist is a must but don’t pick dull Christmas carols when there are so many great Christmas-themed songs out there! Nothing sets the mood better than some good Christmas jams. Put them on your phone and hook it up to your speakers so you can concentrate on other aspects of the party. 


Bake Some Christmas Treats.

A good party always has lots of food. Now is the time to whip out those recipes you’ve spent the entire year pinning and add a festive flair to them. You can bake some holiday cookies or muffins!


Get Some Festive Drinks.

Have a pot filled with hot chocolate, some eggnog (what is Christmas without some eggnog?) in the fridge and some hot apple cider on the stove. It will fill the room with the scents of Christmas and greatly add to the occasion.


Set up a Holiday Photo Booth.

Photobooths are fun at corporate parties but you don’t often see them at house parties. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy., All you have to do is throw a red sheet on the wall, grab some Christmas themed props from the dollar store, like a Santa hat or reindeer antlers, and you’re ready to go. For an added bonus you can add a hashtag for your party, something like #SandrasXmasParty. You can then scroll through your social media feed the next day and see all the different photos people took.


Play a game of Secret Santa

This can take some planning but Secret Santa is a Christmas staple. Whoever brings a present has to put it under the Christmas tree. You then pick a number, the lowest number goes first and picks a present. The second number has to decide if he or she wants to steal the first present or pick one of his or her own. The game goes on until everybody has had a turn.


Keep it Simple.

As you plan an extravagant party, you put a lot of unneeded stress on yourself. Sure, your guests will think your fancy doodads are cool and the dips taste delicious. But in the end, the point of throwing a Christmas party isn’t about the decorations or food at all, but the people that come together. So start small, add things on as you see fit, maximize the time spent with those you love and enjoy the holiday season!


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