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How To Create An Outdoor Space You'll Love Even In Winter!

Just because it’s the winter doesn’t mean your balcony or deck can go unloved. Your outdoor space is a great area to decorate and even entertain in – just throw up a couple of heaters and you’ll be the most popular winter host.

Start With The Floor

The typical balcony or deck is made up of concrete or wood that’s devoid of personality. Fortunately, you can spruce it up with some rocks or deck tiles. They’re easy to install and maintain. Throw down a waterproof rug to add a little flare. 

Set the Mood With Outdoor Lights

It’s the holiday season so it’s easy to bring some festive lights to the outdoors. There are plenty of amazing LED options. You can go for classical green and reds or if you want a sophisticated look then you might try ice white lights which go with anything. If you don't want to go festive, we have lots of LED signs to spruce up your outdoors. 

Turn Your Balcony and Deck Into A Private Space

If your balcony or deck has a less than awesome view, or if you want to block your neighbour's prying eyes, you can install a fence or privacy panels.  We have a fabulous pottery collection that can also add some privacy to your space. Having some privacy works both ways! Having some decorations between your neighbours will also muffle the sound in case you want to entertain late in the night with a couple of cocktails. 

Turn Your Balcony and Deck into an Atrium

Atrium’s were common features in Ancient Roman buildings but that doesn’t mean you can’t modernize the look. Do you want your balcony or deck to feel like an extension of your interior space? You can by including items you like to use inside your home into your balcony's decor. For example, we have plenty of statues that while, made for inside, can be put on your patio if you shield them from the elements. 

Go With Durable Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to picking balcony furniture, keep durability in mind. The winter months can be harsh and if you don’t want to keep bringing things in and out then you need something that lasts.  We have a wonderful. elegant iron furniture set (featured above) and garden lounger that is perfect to be outside all year round.

Spice Up Your Outdoor Space

A few planters will add greenery while boosting your privacy.  Even better, there are plenty of options that were designed to hook onto balcony railings so they won't take up valuable floor space. We have lots of pots both big and small for a more classical look. 


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