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How To Decorate For Winter

The winter cold has settled across the country and what’s better than to curl up beside a fireplace and look at your beautifully decorated home. Luckily it’s easy to decorate for winter; the key is to use natural elements, mild tones, festive lights, and touches of greenery.

If you're really looking to make a change, consider giving your home a brand-new color scheme for the New Year. Wallpaper, paint or even just a couple of fun throw pillows should do the trick.

Plants, statues, greenery are another way to brighten up your mantel and bring some flair into the house.

Decorate your Doorway

A bare door can be boring so, instead of letting your bare entrance get you down, dress it up with a colorful wreath that celebrates the season. You can use a holiday message in the spirit of the season!

Throw Pillows and Blankets

During the holidays, throw pillows and blankets can get a major winter update. They are an easy accessory to mix and match depending on the rest of your room and what mood you’re going for. Choose something cozy with warm colours.

Ice Lights

Unless you're one of those people who leaves your Christmas lights up all year, you're probably used to coming home to a dark, uninviting front porch. A great way to appear festive but not too Christmasy is to use ice lantern takes advantage of the cold weather, illuminating your porch in perfect winter fashion. They are a beautiful natural light and great if you want a natural winter look.


One simple way to add some sparkle to your home is including a great mirror in your hallway or living room. Not only will it cast more light throughout the room, and reflect the holiday warmth, it will also serve as a great replacement to the fabulous Christmas-themed mantel you've been missing. 


Stylish Ways to Mix Metals

Not only is mixing metals super trendy it's also a great way to add instant warmth to your home. Use brass, metallic colours to add some light and style. If silver and gold are too bold for your taste, bronze is also very stylish.

Leave A Little Room

There's nothing like winter white in the form of a comfy sweater, a new rug, or placemats to turn your home into an ultra-cozy atmosphere. White matches with anything and really is the colour of winter.

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