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9 Ways To Battle The Holiday Blues

The holiday season isn’t necessarily a time of joy for everyone. The weather is cold and miserable, daylight is in short supply, you have stress from your family and friends. Your credit card bill is climbing skywards. If you feel down it might be a case of the holiday blues. 

It’s tempting to curl up on your couch, eat your favorite comfort food, and binge watch TV, ignoring the rest of the world. This is fine on the occasional Sunday afternoon, but it’s not good to do all the time.

Laugh A Little There’s a reason that videos of giggling babies and cat memes are so popular! They make us feel better by quickly shifting our focus onto something fun, hopeful, and uplifting. People who laugh often are more resilient and relaxed.

Give yourself a treat. Regular treats are another one of my favorite happiness boosters. Unlike rewards, treats don’t have to be earned. You simply give them to yourself because they make you happier. The only rule is that your treats have to be healthy.

Redecorate Your House. Redecorating this time of year can be fun, especially if you’re planning on throwing a holiday party. Try using festive and bold colours that will be the envy of your friends.

Clear the clutter.  Piles of mail and counters filled with clutter contribute to overwhelm and fatigue. A nice, neat space can be surprisingly helpful when you’re feeling down. If you’re lacking the motivation and energy to clean, just spend five minutes tidying up to get started.

Put on your favorite playlist. Music has a huge impact on our emotional state. Music has a way of getting into your soul. Jam out to whatever kind of music you like. It doesn’t have to be “happy” or “uplifting” music to be therapeutic.

Spend time with your pets. If you have a pet, you already know that pets can be both fun and calming. When you’re feeling down, spend some extra time petting your cat or playing catch with your dog. You’ll both be happier!

Eat a healthy lunch Certainly, nutrition is important for physical and mental health. I’m focusing on lunch because it's often neglected. Many of you don’t eat lunch at all! I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I know from experience that when your blood sugar drops from not eating anything, your mood also drops.

Move your body. One minute of gentle stretching or jumping jacks is enough to refocus your brain, get your blood flowing, and add some new energy to your languishing mood. You can buy an elliptical for your home and exercise indoors, avoiding the bad weather. 

Anticipate a fun-filled activity. Nothing gets your mind off of your problems, like having something to look forward to.. Consider buying tickets to a concert, plan a night out without the kids, or head to a movie you’ve been wanting to see. The key here is to find something that you’re really jazzed about doing and savor not only the experience but the anticipation of doing it.

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