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4 New Year Resolutions For Your Home

New Years’ Resolutions are a great way to start fresh, especially if there is a habit you’d like to change or modify. But have you ever thought about New Years’ Resolutions for your home?  Your home is an extension of your personality and perhaps there is something about it that you’d like to change.

Streamline your home

New Year's is a perfect time to clean your home and get rid of anything you don’t need or use. Take it room by room, making sure to tackle the areas that have the highest foot traffic first. Scrub, vacuum, rinse and repeat until your home looks like brand new again. One of the best and least expensive ways to feel better about your home is to clear it of clutter.

Each year most of us acquire a mountain of stuff. Without some regular purging, cabinets and drawers get jam-packed and it becomes hard to find the things you use and enjoy the most. 

Change your colour scheme up

Are you tired of the same old look throughout your home? Using bold, unique colours in the home is a sure way to quickly revamp your interior with exciting impact. While monochromatic colour schemes and muted colours are wonderful palette options, maybe 2018 is the year to shake things up a little! While paint is an easy design change, it is more of a commitment than the pops of colour accent pillows, throws, or vases can bring.

Get your place ready for entertaining

A couple of dramatic presentations like a metallic statue, a large flower pot or a LED light display in a bright ceramic planter that complements your existing colour scheme will do the trick.

As we mentioned, pulling out a new accent colour from your existing decor can make the whole room seem fresh. Pick an underused colour in the room and add more of it in the form of a new pillow or throw to update your look. A colourful rug or runner can also help anchor your space.

Find home decor inspiration abroad

Take a trip somewhere exotic and get inspired! (Who doesn’t want to take a trip at this time of year?!) Looking at inspiration images online only goes so far – you should experience another culture and aesthetic in real life. Visit the local markets and stores to see new materials, colours, and shapes. Make sure to take photos of larger furniture items you can’t take home with you on the plane so you can source similar items online afterward. You should definitely take home some smaller decorative items for your home, as they will remind you of your travels abroad!


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