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How To Make Your Winter Bedroom Shine
With all this wet, rainy weather, your bedroom should be a warm fortress of comfort and safety. But that doesn’t mean you need an entire room makeover (and spend an arm and a leg) with every change of the season – all it really takes is a few touches to harmonize your space with the time of year and give the room a different look.

Winter brings the blues and post-holiday doldrums and while the living room generally gets most of the attention, there’s no reason not to update your bedroom décor as well.

Lying in bed listening to the wind howling outside your bedroom windows can be cozy and soothing, but not if you’re cold beneath the sheets. When the thermometer bottoms out, it’s time to build up warmth with multiple layers of fabric on your bed. Start with flannel sheets, then a cozy comforter or quilt. Add a folded blanket or two to the foot of the bed, and then go even further with a throw tossed across the footboard. Now pile on a couple of extra decorative pillows for a luxuriously comfy finish. This look is perfectly suited for the winter and Vancouver’s damp coldness.

You might assume that fiery colours from the warm side of the spectrum are best for the winter bedroom, but actually, it’s the deeper, cooler colours that look the most inviting when the sun’s rays are lower in the sky. Saturated jewel tones of emerald, sapphire, amethyst and ruby are strong enough to hold their own on overcast winter days, adding rich colour that wakes up the bedroom without washing out to dispirited grey the way softer tints might. As always, when you are decorating with dramatic.

Pure white is cool and serene in the summer months, but when the wind is howling outside your window, it’s the creamier tones of winter white that chase away the chill. A palette of cream and softest neutrals is always gorgeous, but it’s extra-cozy in the wintertime. To avoid a bland look, however, make sure to add at least one splash of colour, like the pretty purple flowers shown here.

Cool silver, chrome and pewter keep you comfortable through the dog days of summer, but when the calendar is down to its last page, it’s the warm metals that bring cozy comfort to the bedroom. Like all metallic surfaces, copper, gold, brass and bronze bounce light around the space, eliminating winter gloom, but it’s their warm tones that really chase away the chill. If you don’t want to add a gorgeous copper ceiling fixture, consider adding warm metal in the form of a mirror or statue.

Hopefully, this blog will give you some good ideas about how to make your bedroom cozier and inviting – a must with Vancouver’s dark, dreary winters. And since you spend a lot of time in your bedroom, it’s always best to keep your bedroom a place of zen and happiness.



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